Periodic Table 2.0 by Markus Goldkamp [Cracked]

Good new for one who have been searching for a great periodic table software. I came across Periodic Table by Markus Goldkamp and it's one piece of software one'll never forget to install.

It's a cracked java version so must run in all nokia s40 models.


1] Unzip the files.

2] Copy Periodic Table 1.0.jar to your phone.

3] Run it and goto MENU >> ONLINE ORDER >> ORDER NOW

5] Set your phone in Data Storage mode.

6] Delete Periodic Table 1.0.jar of your phone but don't delete the RMS file.

7] Rename pt2.jar to Periodic Table 1.0.jar and copy it to your phone in the same location of RMS.

8] Now it will be full cracked and no demo.



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